What other say about me?

Valentina, doctor from Moskva

Acknowledgement to therapistmasseur to Andrej for professional work of reflex massage of feet. Present medical knowledge andexperiences at part. I came across such professional massage only in university hospital in Austria. I would want, that Andrej makes lessonremaining therapists. Please, that you notice this therapist. With respect!

Renata, dentist from Trebnje

“I work as a dentist. I had problems with back pain and knee. After a few massages the pain is gone. So my work has become a lot easier and would like to thank Andrej for that!”

Nataša, from Trebnje

“Very professional attitude and well-made massage. Thanks Andrej!”

Zdenka, from Škocjan

“I have already tried many massages. Andrej has  realy impressed me with his dedication and performance. I have became his regular customer.”

Milena, from Celje

“Andrej, your hands are golden. Keep them safe!”


“I wanted to relax and have told that to Andrej. His massage was so good that I fell asleep on his table. Andrej sincere thanks.”

Andrej, from Ljubljana

“Right from the start I got a good feeling about Andrej. After hard week at work massage from Andrej felt really relaxing. I felt reborn.”


“At first contact, I immediately felt immense warmth of his hands .. So I really enjoyed the massage. Andrej is a great masseur. I really recommend him to you. “

Viktorija, from Nova Gorica

EVERYBODY HAS A HEART  SOUL ONLY A LITTLE WHO !? I still return definitely. Thank you, Andrej.”

Ratko, from Novo mesto

“I had aches in right albow. Round two treatments at collaborator Andrej are disappeared. I can say, that he surprised also me, that serve as a masseur alredy 30 years, with his technologies and a realisation.” 


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