I organize courses that are intended for those who want to conquer basic knowledge of massaging for home use.


Andrej Ule s.p.
Prešernova ulica 26
8210 Trebnje
041 932 905

The course lasts 4 hours and comprises of theory and practical presentations. It takes place in Trebnje on Prešernova street 26 or anywhere in Slovenia – at a minimum participation of at least 10 persons.

It is very suitable for parents who would like to pamper their children at home.

Children towards age of 18 years can be only next to presence of one of parents and caretakers in massage.

My experience from massaging my daughter is very positive. After the massage her sleep is more peaceful. She glows with excitement when i only mention massage.

Do you want to take care of the elderly and offer them some tenderness in the form of massage? You will be surprised how grateful they will be.

Massage has a beneficial effect on people of all ages. It is especially appealing on the elderly.

Price is set at 30 eur per person one hour, so basic cours is 120 eur (if two participatis are from the same family, the price for both is 120 eur).

For more information, please do not hesistate to contact me.

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